All racing members of the club are to be graded and race in their assigned grade. Once graded, each member receives a race number which is to be worn in all club races. Members keep their numbers until they change grade, leave the club or cease to race for an extended period. The Race Committee holds the delegation from Club Executive to assign and change individual members’ race grade as required.

Changing Grades

A member may seek a change of grade by:

  • Approaching their grade captain and discussing the change
  • Writing to a member of the Race Committee, detailing their:
    • Current Club and AusCycling grade
    • Proposed Club grade
    • Reasons for change
    • Supporting evidence for change
    • Racing goals / ambitions for current season

Moving Up

  • Demonstrated strength in current grade
  • Demonstrated race skill and safe racing practices
  • Preferable but not mandatory — results in several races
  • Change of grade in open races to higher level

Moving Down

  • Failure to complete races consistently

  • Lack of appropriate race skill / experience for current grade

  • Evidence of change in training routine that is not likely to alter

  • Injury or illness that has mid to long term impacts

  • Change of open grade to lower level

New Members

  • New club members will be assessed by a Race Committee representative based on demonstrated experience, capability, open race grading and supporting evidence from existing members

  • If no supporting evidence is available, the rider shall be graded D and may seek comment from the grade captain after racing.