UQ Cycle Club



Racing, racing, racing! It’s what the best riders do best, it’s what the rest of us just enjoy to be a part of!

The club has 4 grades of racing: A, B, C and D grades, with A being the hardest. We have the Nundah circuit booked approximately every 2nd and 4th Saturday or Sunday morning. Depending on numbers, we ride a variety of different ‘race simulations’ including scratch, handicap, sprint, points score and elimination.

We generally leave the Regatta Hotel at Toowong at 6am (6.15 in Winter), though for definite details you should join our forum. Start at Nundah at about 6:45am (7.00 in Winter).

And how fast do we all ride? Depending upon your preconception of cycling speed, this may be faster OR slower than you’d have thought. A grade average about 45km/hr with the sprint finish 60km/hr. B and C Grades average about 40km/hr with a sprint finish about 45 to 50km/hr.

After racing, many people go for breakfast and coffee at various locations.

These races are provided by the club to members only for free and are held fortnightly. This is unlike many other clubs that charge to race.


Regular fortnightly crits

These are generally 50 minutes + 2 laps for A grade, 45 + 2 for B grade, 40 + 2 for C grade and 30 + 2 for D grade with a neutralised period of approximately 15mins where senior members will offer advice, coaching and direction on racing etiquette, techniques and skills. Nothing is at stake but pride and bragging rights. Sometimes a prime (intermediate sprint lap) will be thrown into the mix.

World Cup

Eight of the fortnightly races are dedicated to the world cup series. Modelled on the UCI world cup points are awarded 5 to 1 for the first 5 places in each grade and tallied at the end of the year.

Mt Coot-tha ITT

A brutal individual time trial starting from the planetarium and up the back side of Coot-tha to the very top.

Banana Pairs TT

Heading off in twos from Eagle Farm road in Pinkenba, to the end of the road, back, out and back again. A total of around 28 dead flat kilometres. The lady finger being the female version at the same distance.

Club World Championship

90 minutes plus three laps at Nundah. All in.

Triple Crown

A three part race run across all grades and women’s. Includes a points race and elimination race run back to back at Nundah and a 12km time trial in Brookfield the next day. Points are awarded 5 to 1 in each grade and tallied for the winner.

Charles Coin Memorial

Our club’s Cycling Queensland road race. Open to all Cycling Australia members it’s run on a ~25km road course at Laidley with varied distances across grades.

Course Contra La Montre

The individual version of the banana pairs but with just one out and back. Roughly 14km of dead flat race against the clock and the wind.

Sprinter’s Cup

Not content with winning every crit the Sprinter’s Cup had it’s inaugural year in 2011. One on one shoot out style bracket to find the club’s fastest sprinter.

Race Results