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Riding & Racing

Racing and Results

We have regular A, B, C and D grade criteriums at Nundah, many as part of a series, and a number of other kinds of racing ranging from pairs time trials to sprint shootouts with trophies attached throughout the year. Current and historical results for the official races can be found here.


All racing members of the club are to be graded and race in their assigned grade. Once graded each member shall receive a race number which is to be worn in all club races. Members will keep their numbers until they change grade, leave the club or cease to race for an extended period. The Race Committee holds the delegation from Club Executive to assign and change individual member’s race grade as necessary.

Members are permitted to participate in a different grade for training purposes at the discretion of the commissaires of the day.

Prior to each club race members are required to sign on for their respective grades.

Any change to a member’s grade or participation in a grade not assigned to a member must be brought to the attention of the commissaires prior to the race.

The Race Committee shall from time to time review complete grading lists to ensure optimal numbers and consistency of experience across all grades. This may result in grading changes for members.

Changing Grades

A member may seek a change of grade by:

  • approaching their grade captain and discussing the change
  • write to a member of the RC either by email or private message on club forum and should include:
    Current grading
    Current CQ grading and if a change is planned
    Proposed club grade
    Reasons for change
    Supporting evidence for change
    Racing goals / ambitions for current season

Grounds for a change of grade include but not limited to:

Moving Up

Demonstrated strength in current grade Demonstrated race skill and safe racing practices Preferable but not mandatory results in several races Change of grade in open races to higher level

Moving Down

Failure to complete races consistently Lack of appropriate race skill/experience for current grade Evidence of change in training routine that is not likely to alter Injury or illness that has mid to long term impacts Change of open grade to lower level

New Members

New club members will be assessed by an RC representative based on demonstrated experience, capability, open race grading and supporting evidence from existing members. If these items are not available, the rider shall be graded D and seek comment from the grade captain after racing.

Racing Calendar

We keep our racing calendar up to date for the full current year. All our Nundah bookings and all our club events are recorded in the calendar with all necessary details. Our calendar also contains a few select Cycling Queensland events but for the complete and up to date list of events see their calendar.


Of course with all this racing we need to train. Our club coach Tim runs sessions every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6am starting at the university. These are for all levels of rider and focus on various areas throughout the year.


There’s a small, dedicated group of trackies who train and race at the Chandler Velodrome across various disciplines. Training is on a Tuesday evening and Sunday morning.

Social Rides

A 200km epic, a 30km coffee ride around the river or anything in between gets organised amongst our members during the year. We have a regular Friday morning river loop but outside of that rides are most often organised on the fly during the week or while chatting at coffee.

Club Trophies

All the monuments of UQCC’s racing year come with prestigious trophies present each year at our Christmas Party.

Upcoming Events

Club CritAlbert Bishop Park & Criterium Circuit, 111 Hedley Av, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia24th Apr6:00AM
Interclub race 1Albert Bishop Park & Criterium Circuit, 111 Hedley Av, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia8th May6:30AM
Club critAlbert Bishop Park & Criterium Circuit, 111 Hedley Av, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia6th Jun6:30AM
Club critAlbert Bishop Park & Criterium Circuit, 111 Hedley Av, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia26th Jun6:30AM

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